How to screen an ugly rubbish bin

Hide that trash can!

Council rubbish bins aren’t pretty.

Since we have a double garage we had our bin in there. But between household waste and a large dog, it got pretty whiffy (you can imagine why).

So we decided to put it outside, but it was just so UGLY! It was the first thing I saw when we drove up the driveway and it really bothered me.

There are a lot of elaborate (and expensive) ways to screen off your bins. I considered making something like this, out of reclaimed wood…

But, we don’t really have the room and in the end I opted for the one that was FREE and has involved absolutely NO CONSTRUCTION. All it took was a bit of imagination and some hedge clippers.

For the last couple of months I have been carving out a cavity between my garage door and the hedge. It’s hard to show in this photo but there is quite a significant space in there (and yes, I agree, I need to sweep my driveway…)

It’s getting there – and while it isn’t completely hidden (yet) it’s certainly a vast improvement.

That ugly red lid is still peeking out…

But at least it’s not the first thing when I see when I arrive home now!

So before you break out the wallet or grab a hammer, think alternatively about hiding your trash cans.