DIY White Paint Dipped Wicker Basket

Hi all!

The Crafty Rabbit has been quiet on the blogging front lately ~ I can blame the latest addition to our family in the form of a screaming, squirming, adorable bundle of joy. As many of you know newborns are, well, time consuming, so there hasn’t been a lot of DIY or crafting going on in the last month and a half.

I kinda anticipated this would happen so in the late stages of my pregnancy I wrote this post about creating a Paint Dipped Wicker Basket

Finished basket collage

Remember these wicker baskets from Inorganic Rubbish Collection post?

I’d used one as a planter, the other ended up in our garage being used for everything and anything.

Wicker baskets

But I am having a bit of a storage issue at the moment.

With our first baby on the way either me or my husband was going to have to give up one of our spare rooms – he has a computer room and I had a craft room. It made more sense to use the bigger room as the nursery and I happened to have the larger room, so goodbye craft room…

This prompted a monumental clean out and downsize. Most of my stuff has been relegated to the garage, some of it ended up in this corner of the dining room.

My craft corner before

As you can see there is zero storage and my coffee sacks have been stacked precariously on top of a stool.

I decided I needed a basket to store them in hence dusting off my old salvaged treasure.

I really love the paint-dipped effect which is in vogue right now and thought this was a great opportunity to give it a go.

I dusted off the basket and then used masking tape to create a nice clean line around the base where I wanted the edge of the white paint to finish.

Basket with masking tape

I used an acrylic base coat for the first layer and applied it with a paint brush. I had considered just painting it with regular acrylic paint, but wasn’t sure it was going to give me the coverage I wanted and I didn’t want to actually ‘dip’ it in the paint as I would have needed a LOT of paint.

As you can see the base coat was quite patchy which confirmed to me that finishing it off with a few layers of acrylic paint with a paint brush wasn’t really going to do the trick. I didn’t want it to look blotchy.

Primer paint collage_reduced_size

So, once the base coat was touch dry I wrapped a layer of packing tape around the masking tape and did a thin layer of white spray paint over top.

Spray painting basket

This had a much better effect and filled in all the small creases and crevices with paint. I did about three thin applications using the spray paint.

I was really pleased with how clean the line was, apart from one small area where it smudged (nothing a rag and a bit of nail polish remover couldn’t fix).

This was so easy and fast! Give it a go and let me know how it turned out ~ maybe you used acrylic paint you applied with a paint brush and it turned out fab (which would suggest that my painting technique is something to be desired).

As usual, Loki was assisting me the whole way through this project. There are some delightful dog hairs permanently spray painted onto the basket now. Thanks Loki.

Finished basket collage

I’d really like to see a white-washed version of this if anyone has done it…

Leah The Crafty Rabbit