How to dry flowers the quick and easy way

What to do with those fading Valentines Roses

My lovely husband bought me a bunch of red roses for Valentines Day, but they are already looking sad. I thought about just throwing them in the compost bin, but that seemed like such a WASTE.


I couldn’t even feed a few petals to Snowie the Crafty Rabbit for a little treat, not with all this guff in the media about poison dipped roses. Wouldn’t want to make the bun bun sick.

When we got married, I dried hundreds of flowers for our guests to throw at us as we walked down the aisle. I experimented with every method you can think of, but finally ended up using a microwave because it was fast and gave me the best results.

They turned out pretty good.

You will need

  • Roses
  • Secateurs
  • Microwave
  • Paper towels

Take six segments of paper towels, ripping the sheets after every second one. Remove the rose heads from the stems and tear the petals off, placing them one by one across one side of the paper towel. They dry more consistently when they’re separated out.

Fold the sheet over the petals and place in the microwave.

The petals should be nicely sandwiched between the two sheets.

Every microwave is different, so you may have to adjust the time and power depending on yours, but I put my on for 13 seconds at 90% power.  Do that three times, opening the door to allow the moisture out and to check on how they are drying.

As you’re waiting for the first batch to dry in the microwave, start on the second batch. You’ll find you’ll be able to get quite a chain of work going as you wait for the microwave. I could manage three batches at once.

When you finally take them out of the microwave leave the sheet off the petals to cool down and dry out. They should look, and feel dry, but not dessicated and crumbly. To transport them to and from the microwave I put them between two solid books to stop them falling onto the floor.

You should also note that drying them can change their colour quite dramatically. My roses were a bright pinky red before I dried them, after they were more of a deep maroon/burgundy.

When you’re done, put them in a bowl and sprinkle essential oil over them.

And that’s it. To make a bowl of dried flowers it took me about 25 minutes including prep time.

Super easy.

Tip: Experiment with different flowers – lavender, viola or even citrus leaves or herbs such as mint, or sprigs of rosemary