How to fertilize your garden for FREE

Thanks Starbucks!

That’s not normally something I would say, being a bit of a coffee snob, but I was walking past Starbucks the other day and noticed a basket full of free, used coffee grounds.

Unable to pass up anything with ‘FREE’ stamped across it, I grabbed a bag and lugged it back home.

If you have a garden then coffee grounds are great, they’re rich in nitrogen so can go directly into your vegetable patch, compost and worm bin by acting as a mulch and fertilizer.

Apparently them sprinkling along the surface deters cats from using your garden as a litter box, but I’m not convinced. The cats in our neighbourhood don’t seem to mind  java squishing between their paws.

If your local coffee shop doesn’t offer free coffee grounds for keen gardeners, then just ask, most are more than happy for your to take their rubbish off their hands.

It’s a double good of improving your soil and avoiding the remains of your java ending up in the landfill.

Win, win.