Inspiring Maternity Photos

This is a bit outside of the Crafty Rabbit realm of DIY, junk  and crafts, but I thought I might share our maternity photos we had done a few weeks ago. My husband happens to work with a very talented photographer (Andi Crown Photography at and lucky for us she agreed to do a photo session of us and our bump!

Maternity photo collage 3 watermarkWe went to Cornwall Park in Auckland but didn’t count on how busy it would be. Trying to get photos without joggers and tourists in the background was a bit challenging.

We were lucky with the season as the trees have just started dropping their lovely, golden autumnal leaves, and the late afternoon sun created a wonderful filtered light.

Maternity photo collage 4 watermarkThese photos were made special by the fact that the tartan rug was given to me by my nanna many years ago and the baby booties were knitted by my aunty.

My husband really wanted a photo of us with our childhood toys (see below), he’s holding a teddy bear his mother made him when he was little and I’ve got ‘Monkey’ (appropriately named).

Maternity photo collage If you’re umming and ahhing about whether you should get maternity photos done my advice is do it! As long as you find a photographer who you gel with and their style speaks to you then you can’t go wrong. I recommend you check out their portfolio of work and make it really clear what appeals to you. I created a Pinterest board of maternity photos ( that appealed to me, then shared it with our photographer so we were both on the same page.

Anybody else had bump photos done recently? I would really love to see them!

Leah The Crafty Rabbit


The Crafty Rabbit goes a wanderin’

  A frolic in the woods…

We don’t go away very often, what with the furry children at home. It can be a bit difficult finding a baby sitter capable enough to contend with a 45kg baby running at you full speed and a devilish white rabbit that occasionally Houdini’s out of her cage (thank you  Nikki!).

But, the husband thought it was high time we indulged in one of those mythical Weekends Away that other adults seem to enjoy.

Ohhh la la. We felt very smug getting on a plane, flying to the Christchurch then borrowing my lovely Mother in Law’s car to drive to beautiful Hanmer Springs.


Being with a partner who is quite different to yourself means there’s a lot of compromise in your relationship. Which is a good thing, because you end up experiencing things you may never have experienced. For instance, my husband was desperate to go to the hot pools at Hanmer…

In winter you sit in geothermal pools under floodlights as snow falls around you, while you relax you can gaze up at the snow capped mountains.

To be honest, as lovely as that sounds all I could think about was “oh dear, so I have to brave my pasty white body to a bunch of strangers as I self consciously scoot between pools”. Thanks, but no thanks! P1060286

My husband, who has never been self conscious of anything, ever, in his life soothed my ego and bolstered my confidence “…but I think you look great in a bikini, besides everyone’s in their togs…”

His smooth talking eventually won me over and it was worth it. The hot pools were fantastic.

In turn I convinced him to go for two short tramps through the forest.

It was absolutely gorgeous! By the end of it we were fist pumping and shouting things like “Go Team McCurdy” to nobody in particular. All that fresh, alpine air must have gone to our heads because we were very hyped up.

P1060334P1060337 P1060286Lesson learned? If your first instinct is to say no to something…try saying yes instead.

How to achieve sanity in the face of an insane home

“I’m late!  I’m late for a very important date!”

I’ve got a problem.  I struggle to relax and enjoy myself when I’m at home because I see flaws everywhere.

The washing needs folding, the lawns need mowing, the dishes need cleaning, there’s dog drool on the couch! So what do I do?  I clean it, I fix it, I tidy it up.  But it’s a never ending battle. I want my house to look like a glossy home decor magazine, but unless I get a cleaner, a cook and a gardener, I will never obtain that ridiculous level of perfection I want.

I think “once I’ve finished tidying up, then I can relax and do what I want” but life doesn’t work like that.  So I’m forever buzzing around, like the White Rabbit, checking my watch and fretting as I become more agitated at the mountains of junk that seem to pile on our coffee table.  If it’s not the house it’s guilt about other things “I should go to the bank, I should go for a run, I should call my friend, I should put down this chocolate bar, I should start saving money…”

Down the Rabbit Hole

Before you know it you’ve stumbled down and fallen head first into the rabbit hole.

Living by such impossible standards never ends well. Frustration spills over and you find yourself either erupting in a full blown meltdown or muttering under your breath as resentment simmers away in your belly.

The Crafty Rabbit Way

So how can you solve this?

First of all…SLOW DOWN.  There’s no fire.  No one’s going to die if you leave those dishes for the evening or wash the car tomorrow instead of RIGHT NOW.  The best way to curb your inner perfectionist is to put down that broom! You heard me. It doesn’t mean you have to live in squalor, but a bit of mess is a-o-k.

Here are a few simple ways you can retrain your brain:

  • At the end of the day take stock of what you have achieved instead of what you haven’t.  When you do this you realize you’ve usually accomplished quite a lot.
  • Forgive yourself for not doing it all – you’re only human
  • Stop using the ‘S’ word (should), it’s unhelpful, replace it with something else like “I would feel really good if I could finish my taxes today”
  • If you absolutely cannot cope with the mess, then clear one area at a time, say the kitchen, then leave the rest for the next day

Right now I’m looking at piles of junk on my desk, but I’m not going to straighten it or fret about it, because I would rather write this blog post. I rarely put fun before housework, but I’m trying to change that because life’s too short.

Do you have any helpful tips or suggestions for combating perfectionism at home? Please, post your comments below.