Who is the Crafty Rabbit?

Hello and welcome! My name is Leah and I love trash.  I love to collect (hoard), recycle and repurpose things out of rubbish.

I’m married with my own home which my husband (Dan) and I we share with a small brood of furry animals.    This blog  chronicles my foray into gardening, baking, and all things crafty.  If nothing else it will serve as a repository for all those things I find fun, interesting and inspiring. Join me as I try to transform our newly built house into something with a bit more…character.

Meet the furry family…

Loki  (Little Bear) - Our loveable, giant baby

Loki the Bernese Mountain Dog

Snowie the Crafty Rabbit!

Snowie the Crafty Rabbit

You may be thinking ‘where’s a photo of the author and her husband’?  Well, good question.  Quite hard to do a self-portrait with a camera and I really didn’t want to crop a photo.

Actually, the last decent photo I have of Dan and myself was at our wedding in 2007!  Bit out of date.

So, this section is a work in progress.  Once I have roped one of my friends (who’s that way inclined) into taking some nice shots for me, I promise to post them here.


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