The Crafty Rabbit goes a wanderin’

  A frolic in the woods…

We don’t go away very often, what with the furry children at home. It can be a bit difficult finding a baby sitter capable enough to contend with a 45kg baby running at you full speed and a devilish white rabbit that occasionally Houdini’s out of her cage (thank you  Nikki!).

But, the husband thought it was high time we indulged in one of those mythical Weekends Away that other adults seem to enjoy.

Ohhh la la. We felt very smug getting on a plane, flying to the Christchurch then borrowing my lovely Mother in Law’s car to drive to beautiful Hanmer Springs.


Being with a partner who is quite different to yourself means there’s a lot of compromise in your relationship. Which is a good thing, because you end up experiencing things you may never have experienced. For instance, my husband was desperate to go to the hot pools at Hanmer…

In winter you sit in geothermal pools under floodlights as snow falls around you, while you relax you can gaze up at the snow capped mountains.

To be honest, as lovely as that sounds all I could think about was “oh dear, so I have to brave my pasty white body to a bunch of strangers as I self consciously scoot between pools”. Thanks, but no thanks! P1060286

My husband, who has never been self conscious of anything, ever, in his life soothed my ego and bolstered my confidence “…but I think you look great in a bikini, besides everyone’s in their togs…”

His smooth talking eventually won me over and it was worth it. The hot pools were fantastic.

In turn I convinced him to go for two short tramps through the forest.

It was absolutely gorgeous! By the end of it we were fist pumping and shouting things like “Go Team McCurdy” to nobody in particular. All that fresh, alpine air must have gone to our heads because we were very hyped up.

P1060334P1060337 P1060286Lesson learned? If your first instinct is to say no to something…try saying yes instead.


4 thoughts on “The Crafty Rabbit goes a wanderin’

  1. Yes! Another Crafty Rabbit blog to read! You are such an amazing wordsmith Mrs McCurdy, hope you had a fabulous weekend away. I’ll try to remember to say yes to the next thing I instinctively want to say no to.

  2. You are welcome! I love your big furry dogsie! Missed him this weekend – I had no legit reason to go wondering along mission Bay getting oogled by strangers (knowing it was never me they were looking at, but the very handsome Loki!)

    • Ha ha. Dan swears that our dog is the best way to pick up the ‘ladies’. Loki attracts so much attention! To be fair it works equally as well with the gents. It’s much easier to talk to a complete stranger when you have a cute animal to focus on. You never know Nikki – they may not have been looking at Loki 😉

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