10 Ways With Jars

10 Easy Ideas With Jars

We all have an abundance of them.  Whether they’re beautiful Ball jars you picked up at an antique market, or those less than desirable pasta jars shoved in the back of your cupboard.

I have assembled the top ten ways with jars right here!

1. Store Herbs and Spices

Got millions of coffee jars that you keep putting in the recycling bin?

I spent one industrious afternoon taking inventory of my pantry and then printing millions of labels on my computer.  Not fancy labels ready to stick on, oh no, I’m too cheap for that.  I cut them out and stuck them on with tape.

Old coffee jars reused for herbs, spices and much more

Old coffee jars reused for herbs, spices and much more

2. Mason Jar Planter

Use an old piece of wood and secure clamps onto it.

Screw wood into the wall. Then, fill your jars with soil and plant your plants.  Tighten jars into clamps.  Bingo.

3. Jars as Vases

Jars really do make the best vases.

I spent a small fortune on vases and never found one I was completely happy with.

But jars come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s always plenty squirreled away in the pantry if one isn’t quite right.

4. Glass Jar Photo Frame

Don’t buy a new photo frame, make do with what you have.

This is so simple and creates a really great effect, just make sure your jars are spotless.

Having trouble getting the labels off?  TIP: Just fill the jar with water, microwave for 1 and a half minutes and the label should peel off when the glue softens.

5. Candle Holder

There are so many ways you can do this.

  • To plant an unstable candle just fill the jar about a quarter to half full with rice. It has the added bonus of absorbing the wax making it easy to clean up.
  • Float a tea light in water
  • Wrap wire around a jar and hang it like a hurricane lamp

6. Store Silverware

Don’t hide your favourite silverware in the drawer.

Display it in a jar with a cute ribbon or twine wrapped around the neck to give it a rustic feel.

7. Green Gifts

How about making your own green gift for family this Christmas, or maybe you have a friend with a birthday coming up?

Check out  these ideas:

  • Bath salts
  • Hand cream
  • Carpet freshener (see below)
  • Wardrobe freshener (see below)
  • Sniff jar (see below)

Just write/print a small label on recycled paper with instructions (if necessary). You could even tie an elegant silver spoon to the jar with twine or ribbon.

Carpet freshener

(Good Magazine http://good.net.nz/ )

Add 20 drops of essential oils to a cup of baking soda.  Mix well in a small bowl.  Seal in a jar with a lid and stand overnight or longer.

Sprinkle it over the carpet, brushing it deep into the pile.  Leave for an hour before vacuuming.

How to make a wardrobe freshener:

(Good Magazine http://good.net.nz/ )

Punch six large holes in the lid of a small glass jar.  Fill the jar with cotton balls and soak the balls with fragrant oil.

Replace the lid and put the jar in your wardrobe.

How to make a sniff jar:

(Good Magazine http://good.net.nz/ )

Ingredients: Small lidded jar, a few cotton balls and essential oil

Method: Squeeze a few cotton balls into a jar and add a few drops of essential oil and replace lid.  Voila!

8. Decorative Storage

Why not buy some cheap transfers from your local craft store and gussy up an old jar or bottle.

You could also print a silhouette and use it as a template.  Think, numbers, letters, cameo silhouettes, you could even use paper doilies.

9.  Dessert in a Jar

Yes there is such a thing!  You can find all manner of recipes too.

What a great idea for a thank you gift.

10. Garden in a Jar

Are you an apartment dweller? Is your garden  restricted to your window sill?

Why not grow a bulb, wheatgerm or sprouts in a jar.

For more ideas you can also check out: http://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/themed-linkups

Well, I hope I inspired you to think twice about throwing away that jam jar.  Do you have any nifty ideas you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear about them, post your comments below.


2 thoughts on “10 Ways With Jars

  1. I am also obsessed with anything to do with mason jars! I’ve actually made quite a few crafts featuring them on my blog. Found you via the Weekly Wednesday Hop. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to come visit me as well!

    Michelle @ Ya Gotta Have a Hobby

    • Hi Michelle

      Oh that’s so great! Yeah, it’s good to know there are other like minded people out there also obsessed with jars (of all things right?). Thanks for liking my page and posting a comment 🙂 I went through and posted a few comments on your page too etc. I’m now following you.

      Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by to check out mine 🙂

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