Inorganic Rubbish Collection Treasures: Part 2

I harvested some wonderful treasures from the Grey Lynn inorganic rubbish collection a few weeks back. One of my favourite finds was this rickety chair…

Some people would call this rubbish - I call it rustic

Some people would call this rubbish – I call it rustic!

When my parents came to visit they asked if I was going to paint the chair.  No way!  I love the flaking blue paint. Although, I should add, this is strictly an ‘outdoor chair’.  Don’t know if I want that crusty paint on my carpet.  So it sits outside my front door as a glorified pot plant stand and a place to sit under the eaves to take off shoes.  Like a faithful sentinel.

This chair has got me thinking about…

Other uses for chairs

I love chairs, they’re so versatile, so multipurpose.

You heard me – chairs are not just for sitting people! Flat wooden chairs are particularly good.  Think, old stools or standard issue school chairs.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Stack magazines
  • Pot plant stand
  • Nightstand
  • Side table
  • Display over sized ornaments

Hang off hooks for instant storage:

No shelves?  No problem…

Hang folding chairs for storage and clothes

Tattered old chair…turned shelf:


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