How to transfer an image onto wood

Mod Podge Transfer Method

So how does one go about transferring an image onto wood?  This was my second attempt and it was very successful.


Since I’m so obsessed with trying to do things on the cheap (aka the hard way) I spent quite a bit of time researching transfer methods for wood and found this fab-u-lous post by Matsutake

But I should also give credit to The Graphics Fairy for the best and most comprehensive list of transfer methods.  Oh and also the image of the bird cage was from The Graphics Fairy

So here’s a quick how to:

  1. Prepare the wood – I had to buy the wood from Mitre 10 Mega because we didn’t have any decent wood lying around the house. No sanding was required either it was basically ready to go. I cut the wood to shape with a jigsaw, measured and marked two holes at the top then used the largest insert on our drill to do the holes (approx 2cm in diameter)
  2. The next step is important – you need paper slightly thicker than your average A4 printing paper.  The first one of these I did, did not turn out right.  I’m pretty sure it was because the paper was too thin.  Lesson learned.  Brush your paper with PVA glue, leave to dry.  Insert into your printer tray and print the image on the side with glue on it. The great thing about this method is you don’t need to worry about reversing any images.  Just make sure that you have the ‘print settings’ set to print your image with the boldest ink.  It will produce a better image.
  3. Using Mod Podge (if you’re from NZ you can pick this up from Spotlight – sorry, it’s not cheap, no way around that) coat the wood and put he image face down keeping it nice and smooth.  Leave overnight.
  4. Soak the image in water.  If the piece of wood is too large just use a squirt bottle of water to wet it thoroughly.  When it’s really wet you can begin to peel the image off carefully.
  5. I used some old ribbon I had lying around in my craft room and tied to hang.

And that’s it!


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