Bottle love

I have a confession.  I have a preoccupation with bottles, any kind, old or new, big or small.  They’re brilliant and cheap (if not usually free!).  I have had the Clements tonic bottle for years and it’s normally quite brownish in colour, but when the light catches it it becomes a lovely amber.  The apothecary style bottle and card with the Easter bunny was bought a few years ago when I was at a conference in Napier.  I found the most fabulous little store where I bought an abundance of tea towels (another obsession) and various other bottles and nick-nacks.  Sadly, since it was so long ago, I can’t pay tribute to that fabulous store where I squandered a small fortune.  But, when I return to Napier, I will endeavour to find that store and report back.

Simple bottles on a window that catches the light can make for an interesting display
Bottles arranged artfully on a window that catch the light can make for an interesting display

I call this my window to heaven.  The rest of the house could be in complete chaos, you know what I mean, un-vacuumed floors, used tea cups everywhere, piles on paper over every surface (how do we accumulate so much?).  But there are small windows around our house where I don’t have to worry about that, they’re static and beautiful.  This is one.  I highly recommend it – it’s quite zen.  These bottles are on our window sill above our bed, they’re too high to put junk so they never accumulate it.  Nope, this is the only thing on it, and I will often just look at it (even just for a few seconds) and enjoy it.

Then I go grab that vacuum – someone has to deal with that Loki hair clinging to the carpet like a mat.


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